Tauw launches subsidiary Syntraal for interim professionals: 80 directly available flexible technical specialists

Datum: 01-10-2018

Tauw Group B.V. launched Syntraal, an independent business unit for technical interim staff. With a staff of 80, Syntraal is Tauw’s answer to the growing need in the market for interim professionals in the field of environment, water, civil engineering, and safety. This independent Tauw subsidiary stems from Tauw Flexible Solutions (TFS) and remains based at the current Tauw locations.

Annemieke Nijhof, CEO of Tauw Group B.V., sees clear added value: “For clients, Tauw is the place to go for projects. Syntraal specialises in interim staffing solutions. Syntraal’s independence gives a higher profile to our interim activities and demonstrates that we are taking flexibilisation within the labour market seriously, while keeping in mind good employment practice. In this way, Tauw and Syntraal will continue to reinforce each other”.

Syntraal’s Managing Director Hans Westerhof sees independence as a logical step. “TFS was established in 2016 in response to the demand for flexibility from our clients. As an independent company, Syntraal has a distinct position and a clear profile in the interim staffing market. Tauw and Syntraal work for clients in a transparent way, each with their own profile. I think it is fantastic to be at the forefront of this development.”

Synergy and talent are central
The synergy between the client and the individual talent of the professional are central in the flexible engagement of Syntraal staff. Westerhof: “Syntraal’s mission is to support our talented professionals in their journey towards discovering what drives them and what they want to achieve in life. I think it is fantastic to see people grow as independent professionals.”

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