The growing importance of environmental and sustainability aspects

In the past years we have witnessed and participated in the evolution of the investment and transaction industries where the concern for environmental and sustainability aspects has grown considerably, and demands for their integration have become more elaborate. Among others, this calls for the use of interdisciplinary approaches, more specific and elaborate data as well as changes in corporate responsibility. The evolution of environmental and sustainability aspects can raise several types of questions such as:

  • What is the difference between ESG Integration, Responsible Investment, and Impact Investment?
  • What is the role of current and upcoming regulations?
  • How do environmental and ESG Due Diligence relate and which do I need to conduct for what type of investment?
  • How do I integrate environmental and ESG management into portfolio stewardship?

Environmental and sustainability aspects can pose risks as well as opportunities to the value of any investment. As a result, there is significant value to identifying, assessing and managing both environmental and sustainability aspects throughout the investment process.


Environmental Due Diligence

Environmental Due Diligence (EDD) is highly recommended in transaction processes, as environmental effects can result in significant costs and liability risks. With our EDD assessments we provide our clients with a reality check related to the potential business risks and consequences.   

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Responsible Investment and ESG

Responsible investment and the integration of environmental, social and governance (ESG) aspects into investment decisions and processes are increasingly considered a ‘must’. Due to the complexity of sustainability however, why and how to invest responsibly, and what to do, remain a challenge for many investors.

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